Monday, July 18, 2011

Alternative Map to Double Bunking Sen. Phil Berger with Sen. Don Vaughan in Guilford County

Alternative Guilford NC Senate Districts

The North Carolina Redistricting Commission came out with their maps for the Congressional House , N.C. Senate and the N.C. House districts all over the state.  Here is a link to the N.C. Redistricting CLICKHERE

We know that Guilford County in regards to the ideal population of the senate seats are sitting on 2.5 senators . It is not close enough to justify having 3 senators solely in Guilford County but as we know now they did a "Double Bunk" with 2 very high profile names in the senate side in Majority Leader from Rockingham County Sen. Phil Berger and Guilford County Sen. Don Vaughan being in the same district #26. Link to map CLICKHERE .

Above you will see a alternative map for Guilford County with a little different approach. First it would not double bunk either Sen. Phil Berger or Sen. Don Vaughan. It would put Berger's district on the northern end of Greensboro then go north to get one area of Stokesdale then go to the eastern side of Guilford County in a area where he already has in his district right now. Then it goes south to the rural area of Guilford County which has a lot in common with the rural areas of Rockingham County. This area ends at the Jamestown area.This would be the Senate District #26.

Now we see the Voting Rights Act(VRA) area in District #28 this is mandated by existing outdated law that needs to be revised or done away with all together, but that is another day and a lot of issues to be dealt with. In the map above we have the sitting Senator Gladys Robinson in the 26th district but as we see from what the commission did is they went down into precinct PG1 to take in her home to be a part of this new district #28 which to me should never happen in regards to redistricting and splitting precincts because so much confusion can be had when you start splitting precincts.Having this (VRA) really makes for some confusing contortions all over this state and in Guilford County. All anyone needs to do is look at our famed Congressional District #12 and #6 which made the Top 10 in worse gerrymandered districts CLICKHERE , thanks for that dubious honor from the past. We might have our own in this new senate seat for N.C. in #27 for such an honor.

We now see that the N.C. Redistricting Commission has made a new Senate seat for Guilford County in #27. Here is a link to the map CLICKHERE . In a nut shell this is one ugly fish hook for Guilford County. If you were to campaign for this district you would have to start in the Northeast corner of Guilford County go all the way to the southern border of this district all the way west to the farthest corner of Guilford County  pass the Voting Rights Act district #28 up through High Point N.C. go towards the Airport then go due east back into Greensboro N.C. This district does not make any sense whatsoever. This map of the new District #27 is not good. Whoever came up with this plan needs to go back to the drawing board.

But as you see above there is a reasonable map that puts Jamestown in with High Point along with Oak Ridge and the western side of Greensboro including Sen. Don Vaughan. This map above is more compact . It actually makes more sense and maybe someone will see this post and talk to your North Carolina Representatives to say to them that i have a alternative to the Senate Districts in Guilford County.

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