Monday, June 13, 2011

If Commissioner Alston commingled funds with Real Estate Broker Alston, and Deena Hayes shares the same voting district...?

Conflict of Interest

The situation that results … when government officials take campaign contributions
from people whose economic interests are affected by government policy-making.

Money-in-Politics Glossary

"Alston accused of threatening mayor, council members over hotel

Members of the Greensboro City Council say Melvin “Skip” Alston
threatened them with a recall election if they reconsider federal bond financing
for a luxury hotel in which he has a direct financial interest.

…Alston acted as a broker on the hotel deal and [Deena] Hayes lives with John Greene,
a principal in the Urban Hotel Group, which is proposing the hotel.

…Alston has refused to disclose how much money he stands to make
from brokering the proposed hotel deal.

He denies he and Hayes have conflicting interests
as they try to represent the concerns of the African American community
and move forward a project on which they will both profit."

Amanda and boy toy Joe
Greensboro News and Record, December 22, 2009

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