Monday, June 13, 2011

Could the City of Greensboro contract for about 45% less trash for the White Street Landfill?

"Per our discussion, see info below.

2010 total MSW into transfer station and White Street Landfill: about 245,000 tons

2010 MSW tons collected by the city
(includes the sludge going into the landfill now, plus all city collected MSW) = about 145,000 tons

2010 MSW tons collected by private collectors
and carried to the transfer station = about 100,000 tons"

Dale Wyrick, P.E.
City of Greensboro
Field Operations Director

If the landfill contract could be for about 100,000 tons less per year,
why haven't any Greensboro City Council Members
suggested accepting only Greensboro trash?

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