Thursday, June 9, 2011

Guest Column: Marcus Kindley Response to Editorial on Guilford County Redistricting

Guest Column from Marcus Kindley

My response to the Greensboro News and Record editorial concerning the redistricting of the Guilford County Commissioners.

Link to the Greensboro News and Record Editorial: Let Commissioners Do It CLICKHERE

To Begin I quote,
“In a partisan power play 20 years ago, Democratic legislators created the current
11-member county board, with nine districts and only two commissioners elected at large. Now
Republicans have enough legislative muscle to change that configuration, but
what was state meddling two decades ago would be state meddling today.”

I venture to say that at that time the News and Record probably thought that this, to quote, “Partisan POWER Play” 20 years was just fine. I also venture to say they would have pointed out how wonderful it was.

Now, they think this was bad and that the duly elected House of Representatives should butt out. Yes, they, being the mouthpiece of the Democratic Party of NC, now believe that what the Dems did
while in power was ok, but with the GOP in charge we should let the DEMOCRAT
CONTROLLED county commissioners do the redistricting.

Does any intelligent person really believe that the DEMOCRAT CONTROLLED County Commissioners will redo their gerrymandering?

Will they open the door to lose control of their majority, to allow fair
representation for the citizens of Guilford County?

 Of course not! Are they that stupid, and yes I mean that!
No they are not. They are just showing the biased reporting and opinion of
their “ Paper”!

Now we will see the left in Guilford County start crying racism! Led by Commissioner Skip Austin, Count on it! I give it less than 24 hours. One thing about the Democrats they never deviate form their
playbook. The News and Record will provide all of the usual coverage. We as citizens must now stand against the onslaught of biased coverage and hateful rhetoric and make it possible for the Citizens of Guilford County to have the privilege of deciding who has OUR best interest at heart.

This bill is fair and levels the playing field. It was not, as the Democrat plan was and has been, stacked in favor of one group or another. The citizens of Guilford County now have the opportunity of true representation.

I thank Rep. John Blust for giving the citizens of Guilford County their right of representation back after being denied so long!

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Anonymous said...

he speaketh the truth! N&R mouthpiece for Dems