Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Rhino's Scott Yost on "political favors for commissioners"

Other commissioners
also want their own pet projects in their districts funded.

Like what?

However, as soon as money for political favors for commissioners
starts going back into the budget, then the tax increase starts growing,
and every time the proposed tax rate jumps past a certain point,
some commissioners' votes are likely to evaporate.

How many "political favors" were in last year's budget?

Should "political favors" be construed to mean "Earmark"?

Who forks out the most "political favors"?

Has anyone pointed out "political favors"
in prior budgets?

Which line items are considered "political favors"
in the proposed budget?

Are "political favors" added in later?

If the County partially funds our schools, 
are some trading tax revenues for more kids per classroom?

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