Saturday, May 7, 2011

A question for City Attorney Rita Danish: Why has Kee and Bellamy-Small been allowed to vote while Thompson and Matheny were not?

"Kee, under the ever-changing rules of procedure from City Attorney Rita Danish
...was allowed to participate when he was on the phone.

And when they couldn't reach him his vote was counted as a yes.

...This is the issue that Thompson
was not allowed to vote on when he was participating by telephone on April 19,
and at first Matheny was going to be allowed to vote but then he got disconnected
and was told that he could not vote.

The item was continued from that meeting when Thompson was disqualified.

...Bellamy-Small and Kee – have been allowed to participate by telephone
and ...Thompson and Matheny – have not. could be that council members who sit on the left side of the City Council chambers
are allowed to participate by phone but those who sit on the right side are not."


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