Sunday, May 15, 2011

Paul Gilmer, White Street Landfill, "new technologies", Jim Kee, "Leadership Group"

"Landfill area residents want improvements

As residents of Greensboro living near the White Street Landfill,
we collected and presented a petition to the City Council
representing 760 of our neighbors who live nearby.

How many of the 760 residents moved to the area
after the landfill was opened?

How many of the 760 residents are homeowners?

How many of the 760 realize what city services may be lost
if the landfill doesn't reopen?

We know the landfill will be reopened,
and we asked for a reasonable approach, including the following:

We would like to have the Nealtown and Cone Boulevard roads promised by the city
completed as soon as possible
and have a neighborhood leadership group funded and organized from landfill proceeds.

Road, legit concern.

Leadership group?

Isn't Paul Gilmer on the Zoning Commission
appointed by Jim Kee?

What does a publicly funded "Leadership Group" cost?

What will the money be spent on?

Does Jim want a publicly funded "Leadership Group"?

Do Paul and Gayland get to be on and/or lead the "Leadership Group"? 

Who decides who gets to fleece the city in the "Leadership Group"?

We would ask for new technologies to eliminate odor,
rodents and stray trash from affecting our neighborhood.

Speaking of "new technologies",
didn't Paul Gilmer team up with Bob Mays
to pitch an "unknown" idea for the landfill?

Is the "Leadership Group" a euphemism?

Didn't Jim Kee call for a private session of City Council
to hear from Bob Mays and Paul Gilmer?

We ask that no additional garbage be brought from outside areas.


We also would like to see the Bessemer Shopping Center improved to include a bank,
restaurant and grocery store.

This would be the first step to new jobs,
revitalization and the economic development we require in our area.

If banks, restaurants and grocery stores
are private businesses that risk capital for profit,
why haven't they opened stores in the Bessemer Shopping Center?

For some reason, the News & Record chose not to cover this in a recent article,
so we felt the voices of these 760 people should be heard.

Does Mr. Gilmer's prior actions have anything to do
with the News & Record not covering his efforts?

After all, we will live here long after this decision is made."


Gayland Oliver

Paul G. Gilmer Sr.

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