Sunday, May 15, 2011

George Hartzman's White Street Landfill Proposal

Contemplated Nealtown and Cone Boulevard roads should be constructed
with first savings from the White Street Landfill,
without borrowing more money
so trash trucks are not travelling through residential neighborhoods.

No non-City of Greensboro garbage.

25% of positive revenues up to $1,000,000 per year for 10 years
could be allocated towards purchasing properties occupied by resident homeowners
who do not own rental units
for 2011 tax values
beginning with properties purchased before the landfill opened
and after the road is paid for.

Properties can be resold for use as rental properties,
with proceeds offsetting the $1,000,000 per year maximum.

All local residential rentals should be subject to mandatory RUCO inspections
to ensure safe housing for nearby low income renters.

If a regional solution emerges which costs as much or less,
it should be looked at.

An investigation should be initiated to identify how and why
the City of Greensboro allowed new residences
so close to an operating landfill.

The methane should be converted to energy and/or sold.

George Hartzman

1 comment:

Don Moore said...

Why not give the energy to those who live in the affected area? Although free electricity might actually increase the number of residents in the area.