Friday, May 20, 2011

Matt Brown: “We have never asked an additional dime of city dollars.”

"By the time the outdoor theater opens June 5, it will cost city residents $451,000.

In the last push to complete construction, problems have increased the price by $26,000, according to the city.

...The total cost of the amphitheater will be $946,000 — $495,000 of which will be covered by business sponsorships. The rest will be paid by the coliseum, which has brought in more revenue this year than expected.

If Matt Brown underestimated the costs of the Coliseum amphitheater
to begin construction without having to get permission…?

“It came out of the additional coliseum savings or surplus,” Brown said.

Does the City of Greensboro cover about 19% of the Coliseum's budget,
even after Rashad Young let Matt Brown off the hook for the Canada Dry leases?

“We have never asked an additional dime of city dollars.”

VIP Room, Amphitheater and Hotel:
in Greensboro and Guilford County?

...When completed, it will be able to hold about 7,690 people.

Construction began on the amphitheater in fall 2009, to the surprise of City Council members and area residents who had not been consulted.

The council eventually approved the project and awarded a $360,000 construction contract in April to build the stage, loading dock and sound barrier."


If it will cost taxpayers $451,000,
which "started" at $360,000,
is Matt Brown being a little wrong on the $91,000?

Is Allen Johnson’s cranial appendage
lodged within Matt Brown’s sphincter/rectum?

Are Matt Brown, the City Budget Director and the City Manager

Did City of Greensboro officials intentionally mislead
the Greensboro News and Record’s Amanda Lehmert?

Have Matt Brown and Rashad Young “how that expense is going to get addressed.,"
manipulated the Coliseum budget before?

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Don Moore said...

The Coliseum Money is the City's Money; not Matt Brown's.