Friday, April 8, 2011

Have Matt Brown and Rashad Young “how that expense is going to get addressed.," /manipulated the Coliseum budget before?

...We are projecting the Coliseum Complex's operating budget deficit
for the FY 2010/11 to be $1,587,542
or $245,910 or 15% lower than FY 09/10 Operating Budget Deficit.

This marks the sixth year in a row that the Coliseum Complex has reported a lower year end deficit than had been budgeted.

Matt Brown
Memo to City Council,
WMC, Rashad Young, Bob Morgan, R. Lusk, L. Davis, J. Fletcher and S. Johnson
April 12, 2010
Via Tony Wilkins.


“The City Budget Director agreed with our request that funding for the three scheduled roof repairs should come under the auspices of the City General Capital Repair account resulting in the removal of this $125,000 budgeted expense in the Coliseum Complex budget.

The City Manager agreed...the two lease payments of $100,000 and $156,000 should not be charged against the Coliseum Operating Budget…”

Matt Brown
Memo to WMC, Rashad Young and Bob Morgan, but not City Council
April 16, 2010
Via Tony Wilkins
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Should Rashad Young include the Aquatic Center in the Coliseum's budget?

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