Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Is Greensboro's City Council feeling pretty good budget wise, knowing they have about a $300 million cash cushion as Guilford County runs out of savings?


Should media outlets let the public know
how much savings the City of Greensboro has
relative to Guilford County?

Have anyone ever seen it reported anywhere?

Ever wonder why Matt Brown can spend unlimited sums?

Remember the $200,000 for more parking,
on top of about $400,000 for the Ampitheatre
on top of getting out of the Canada Dry Leases,
on top of shifting maintenace to the City's budget
so the Coliseum could tell everybody all is well?

Ever wonder where the money came from for the Ice Rink?

Or loose leaf collection?

Or crossing guards?

Or libraries?

Or non-profits?

Or TREBIC and Downtown Greensboro and the Greensboro Partnership?

Or tax breaks for favored donors?

Or swimming pools?

How is Greensboro's City Council not treating their constituents
like a bunch of chumps?

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