Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Did Kee and Bellamy-Small sell out?

"District 2 Councilman Jim Kee told residents that the Greensboro City Council appears to have made the decision to reopen the White Street Landfill, and that he thinks it's important to make sure that people who live nearby don't suffer from noise pollution, heavy truck traffic and rodents as a result.

Did Jim ask about accepting City of Greensboro trash only?

That didn't sit well with many constituents.

..."I think it has been established that the council the council has decided to go forward with the landfill," Wells said. "And our councilman has decided to make concessions on our behalf."

Then she asked if residents were willing to compromise. The answer was a resounding no.

...Dianne Bellamy-Small...said she is pressuring the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce to take a stand against the landfill.

With what leverage?

"I just got a phone call from them saying they want us to save their 10 percent in the budget," Bellamy-Small said. "I ain't hearing them because they ain't hearing me."


How about proposing turning thier 10% cut to 50%?

If Dianne barely lifted a finger on RUCO,
why is who expecting her to actually go to bat for Land Fill folks?

Kee said in defense of the Greensboro Partnership, which closely coordinates with the chamber, that he met with them twice and at the time they were interested in vetting a number of alternative technology approaches.


Where was Jim Kee on RUCO?

Now that the council has narrowed the options to two companies proposing to reopen the landfill, Kee said it would be good to get the partnership and the chamber to take a stand.

Does Jim not know where they stand?

Why didn't Skip Alston, whose district is in Greensboro City limits,
not lift a finger for his constituents for RUCO?

ADDENDUM: One thing the landfill opponents would like to accomplish with an ad buy is to challenge the notion that the landfill was there before the resident were, and with it notion that the siting of the landfill was and is about race.

That perspective gained currency with a 2009 opinion column by the News & Record's Allen Johnson describing how he moved into neighboring Woodmere Park as a child with his family in 1968 when it was still predominantly white.

"notion" "perspective"

Is it true or not?

Supporting the assertion that the people came before the landfill, Wells said tonight that the Neal family, which is black, lived in the area as far back as the 1880s, and that some members of the family sold off some of their property to the city for the landfill. The Neals, one of whom spoke at a rally held recently at the landfill, are the namesake of Nealtown Road and the Nealtown Farms community."


If the Neal family sold property for the landfill,
who made how much when,
and who approved it?

If the Neal's made money on the creation of the landfill,
why would they be in favor of keeping it closed?

How much more real estate do they own in the area?

Do they own any rental properties?

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