Saturday, May 14, 2011

$49,347 City of High Point Wasteful Spending on Public Notices in High Point Enterprise

Triadwatch did a public records request with the major municipalities in Guilford County in Greensboro and High Point in regards to public notices in the local print media and how much this cost the taxpayers.

Below is a e mail exchange between a representative from the League of Municipalities who wanted this information and a City of High Point employee.

Here is the info from High Point that includes notices for Planning & Zoning, Purchasing (bids), Transportation (MPO) and City Council.
$49,357 for FY 09-10
It does not include notices of wastewater spills – which would take some time to get as those do not come through the Manager’s office. If you need these, I’ll try to get but can’t promise by Wednesday.
Hope this helps.
Louanne C. Hedrick Budget & Evaluation Officer City of High Point, NC

Just this week we learn that in the N.C. House of Representatives  the effort to dump public notices in newspapers was taken off the table, here is a link to the article CLICKHERE

The NC Press Association has won the battle but not the war on this issue. More to come and in a future post we will add up all the money in regards to this public records request to have a grand total .

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