Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Jefferson Davis used the following argument in favor of the equal rights of [Countys and Citys]: Could North Carolina House Bill 554 on Rental ordinances usurp local NC governments?

...the union of these [Countys and Citys]
rests on the equality of rights and privileges among its members,
and that it is especially the duty of the Senate,
which represents the [Countys and Citys]...
to resist all attempts to discriminate either in relation to person or property,
...which are the common possession of [North Carolina]
—to give advantages to the citizens of one [County or City]
which are not equally secured to those of every other [County or City].

Jefferson Davis

What right does North Carolina's legislature have
to overide a rental safety ordinance in Greensboro
that has been proven to be a benefit to our community?

Whose interests are served most
by eliminating the right of a local municipality
to act in the best interests of many?

Ed Cone: Undoing RUCO

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