Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Could this be a pretty good strategy for some, considering what has already occurred? "If the council misses [the May 3] deadline, it can move the upcoming city election back a year, giving its members another year in office."

...why did everybody jump on the bandwagon
with something that was obviously wrong?”

Councilman Robbie Perkins

"The 2010 census prompted the city to review the district lines.

City staff concluded that the lines do not need to be redrawn for legal reasons.

Would Robbie prefer the City Council election to be this year, or next year,
considering the most likely turnout
for an election with an unpopular presidential incumbent?

...Community members expressed outrage
over what they considered political advantages in the plan for Rakestraw
and the council’s lack of explanation for the vote.

Council members eventually said they would reconsider the vote.

Could Bill, Mary, Trudy, Danny and maybe Zack
be most likely prefer to have the election next year?

...Both maps move the area near Four Seasons Town Centre
into Bellamy-Small’s district.

“Dianne has wanted the mall,” Wade said.
“I gave her the mall in hopes we can all vote for this map.”

Does a legitimate reason exist for Dianne getting the mall?

If Trudy is trying to pacify Dianne to achieve a "win win",
who loses?

Has the strategy evolved into diminishing the chances
for challengers of incumbents?

Bellamy-Small’s map moves about 2,200 residents.

She submitted it last week in reaction to Rakestaw’s map.

But the council did not debate its merits.

Did City Council debate the real merits of any map?

The clock is ticking on a redistricting decision.

The council has until May 3 to decide
and get the map to the U.S. Department of Justice for approval.

...the manager's office asked council members
how much public participation they wanted this time around.

In particular, they staff wants to know what kind of software they should use
to redraw the lines -- something that can be used by anyone
or something that is only used by city staff.

The cost could be up to $30,000.

If the council misses that deadline,
it can move the upcoming city election back a year,
giving its members another year in office."

What happened to the computer program?


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