Sunday, March 6, 2011

Redistricting In N.C. The GOP's Golden Goose by Washington Post

The Washington Post has a new article out from Chris Cillizza in a online post titled "North Carolina: The GOP's Golden Goose redistricting" CLICKHERE

In the post this is what was said:

The Tarheel State stands out as the one state where Republicans will be expecting to gain multiple seats in the election following redistricting, and they could gain three or four if things pan out close to perfectly.

The reason for all that opportunity is two-fold.

One is that the current map was drawn by Democrats in 2001, which means many of the marginal districts were drawn to their liking. "Ten years ago, Democrats drew the most perfect map in the history of gerrymandering," remarked one Republican familiar with the state's lines.

Two is that Democrats stood tough in the state in 2010. While Democrats in swing and conservative-leaning districts across the country went down to defeat, North Carolina Democratic Reps. Heath Shuler, Mike McIntyre and Larry Kissell all won -- though Republicans did unseat Rep. Bob Etheridge.

The result is a map on which Democrats maintain a majority -- seven to six -- of congressional seats in the state. Of the 17 states where Republicans control redistricting, North Carolina is the only state where that is the case.

Because of those two factors -- the Democratic-drawn map and the continued Democratic majority -- there is plenty of room for improvement for the GOP. And the most likely Democrats to bear the brunt are McIntyre, Kissell and Rep. Brad Miller.

As we see in what was quoted from one republican above in that the 2000 redistricting game brought by the  N.C. Democratic Party, the most perfect map in the history of gerrymandering . Hearing the political connections this weekend it seems like the Chairman of the Senate Redistricting Committee Rep. Bob Rucho wants to have this all done by June 1, 2011 . There are a lot of different scenarios to make this a fair process for all to be a part of  we will see what happens after all the numbers from the census are looked at by all in charge but if you would like a link to plenty of information here is a link the the State of North Carolina on redistricting CLICKHERE.

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