Saturday, January 8, 2011

"Coliseum parking was inadequate for crowds" plus some Guarino and Keith Brown: How many City jobs could get flushed?

"This letter is to express my displeasure almost to the point of outrage to Greensboro Coliseum Director Matt Brown and the city administration for the poor and inexcusable traffic snafu at the recent Duke-UNCG basketball game.
The parking issue was being discussed in the blogosphere
around the time the aquatic center was being voted upon.
The issue was out there.
Every council member who voted in favor of the proposal
had a responsibility to assure that was taken into account
(and especially those who later also supported the amphitheater).
My wife and I, after paying $40 per ticket and arriving 45 minutes prior to game time, were turned away from parking at the coliseum with signs saying “lot full” at every parking entrance, including handicap parking.

Did Coliseum management and Greensboro's City Council
know the Coliseum would be short parking spots during large events
when pitching the Amphitheater and the Aquatic Center to the public?
How many city council members knew parking was going to be a problem?
How many didn't know but should have?
We, along with large numbers of other motorists, were then directed north on High Point Road, past the coliseum, toward downtown!

Were Greensboro Police officers directing traffic made aware
that the Coliseum parking lots could not accommodate a packed house?
What kind of planning is this for Greensboro residents?
If the Amphitheater and Aquatic Center eliminated 375 parking spaces,
and parking is $10,
and there's about 1 event per month that would have filled the lost spots
did the Greensboro Coliseum give up about $45,000 in lost annual profit
for the opportunity to lose money lose money on a swimming pool?

$10 x 375 = $3,750 x 12 = $45,000

Was the lost $45,000 counted in the economic impact of the new facilities?

No parking for planned events at $40 per, plus $7 to $8 parking — if you get in!

Since when does the coliseum oversell events without regard to the number of available parking spaces?

Great question.

Is it any wonder that Greensboro is lacking when compared to Winston-Salem, Raleigh, Durham and Charlotte?"

The Rev. Bob L. Carter

Editor’s note: In fairness to both the letter writer and the coliseum,
the coliseum announced plans to expand parking after this letter had been submitted.

Is it "fair" for the Coliseum to ask for more money for parking
after apparently not mentioning potential traffic problems
by purposefully eliminating parking to build the Amphitheater
and the Swimmer Aquarium?

Should Greensboro's News & Record disclose their conflict of interest
with the publicly owned Greensboro Coliseum
by way of a $125,000 barter and trade agreement
which includes free tickets etc...
when making "Editor's Notes"?

Has the publicly owned Greensboro Coliseum
been giving about $10,000 taxpayer dollars per year
to the Greensboro News & Record?

If the Greensboro News & Record's Publisher and Editorial Board Member Robin Saul,
serves on the taxpayer funded Downtown Area Consolidated Plan Committee Advisory Team
and the Greensboro Partnership Board,
should Greensboro News and Record employees
who can influence “unbiased” news reporting
serve on committees that advocate for increased taxpayer indebtedness
with registered lobbyists?

If the City of Greensboro ends up with what could be a $25 million cut from the state,
plus whatever the city shortfall is,
and we blow $300,000 on some parking the public was not informed of,
how many city employees get to lose their jobs to pay for it
and how much responsibility should most of the local press accept?
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bubba said...

Just more of the Business As Usual we've all enjoyed in our fair city these many years now.

When does it stop?