Thursday, January 6, 2011

City of Greensboro Initial Draft for 2011 State Legislative Agenda



CITY OF GREENSBORO LOCAL LEGISLATION (Items currently part of the Agenda)

1. S415 Appointment of City Attorney

The City will support local legislation amending the City Charter to provide that the Greensboro City Attorney be appointed by and report to the City Council. Greensboro and High Point are the only municipalities in the state in which the City Manager has authority to hire and fire the City Attorney.

2. S416 Limitation of Authority for City Manager to Authorize Service Contracts

The City will support local legislation to limit the Manager’s authority to enter into service contracts. The City will seek change to the City Charter Sec. 4.111, stating that the City

Manager’s authority to enter into contracts for the performance of services shall be according to ordinance duly adopted by City Council.

3. Utility Lien

The City will support local legislation, to become effective July 1, 2010, to amend the City Charter to repeal the City’s authority to place utility liens against the real estate of rental property when a tenant fails to pay and when the water bill is in the name of the tenant.

On October 20, 2009 Council adopted modifications in the lien law provisions utilized by the Greensboro Water Department. This passed by a vote of 7 to 1


(Items under consideration for the Agenda)

4. Repeal of the Jordan Lake Rules

It is urged by Councilwoman Wade that the City lobby with other municipalities and counties to repeal or reform the Jordan Lake Rules adopted in 2010 by the General Assembly. The City and Guilford County are not considered significant contributors to the Jordan Lake water quality issues and bear an inequitable portion of the restriction and expense imposed under the regulatory overlay. If a cost benefit analysis of these rules were adopted these restrictions would be reduced or entirely curtailed.

5. Unpaid Parking Tickets and Vehicle Registration

The Council previously supported amendments to NCGS 160A-301, Parking, to allow the Department of Motor Vehicles to refuse to register the vehicles of any person who owns any vehicle that has any past due unpaid parking tickets owed to the City of Greensboro.

The City of Greensboro will compile a list of all persons who own motor vehicles which have outstanding, overdue and unpaid parking tickets in the City of Greensboro. This list will be provided to the County Tax Collector. The Collector will be directed to add this list to the list of persons who have unpaid municipal or county taxes. This will provide the Tax Collector the same remedies as those provided in G.S. 20-50.4 for the collection of fines and penalties.

This is anticipated to greatly reduce the uncollected parking fines.

6. Reform of Expungement Procedure.

It is urged by Councilwoman Bellamy Small that the current procedure of expungement be reformed to increase the availability of this policy to more convicted citizens of North Carolina. Given the increased use of background checks and the increased length of time these background checks cover, an unnecessary portion of society is denied equal footing in competition for jobs. It is urged these policies be amended to make it possible to expunge more convictions after seven years from date of last conviction or incarceration.

7. Reform of Trade License Requirements.

It is urged by Councilwoman Bellamy Small that restrictions on Trade Licenses be amended to allow convicted felons to qualify for a supervised license after release from probation or incarceration. This restricted license would require supervision from a nonrestricted tradesman for a period of one year and also require no new convictions. This policy revision would encourage rehabilitation and education of convicts and probationers to reduce the likelihood of recidivisms.

8. Bullying and Harassing Behavior and Cyber-bullying.

Councilwoman Rakestraw urges the City to support strengthening of the current Cyber Bullying Law. North Carolina General Statute 115C-407.15, Bullying and Harassing Behavior, currently prohibits physical, verbal, or electronic bullying and harassment that takes place on school property, at any school-sponsored function, or on a school bus. The proposed amendment would extend the protection to prohibit bullying and harassment that arises from a relationship or contact made on school premises and continues outside of the school.

9. Increase in Motor Vehicle Revenue

Department of Transportation head Adam Fisher urges the Council to support local legislation authorizing Greensboro to increase the amount of its vehicle levy used for public transportation from ten dollars per vehicle up to but not to exceed sixteen dollars per vehicle. It is anticipated by GTA that this additional revenue would provide up to $1,152,000.00 in new funding. Upon passage of this measure, the total vehicle tax revenue paid to GTA would approximate $2,417,000.00 yearly.

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