Saturday, December 18, 2010

"Stunning" Revelations on North Korean Nukes"

"...the Obama administration has come to the uncomfortable conclusion that North Korea’s nuclear capability is “significantly more advanced” than previously thought.

...Stanford expert Dr. Siegfried Hecker, the former head of Los Alamos National Laboratory...made a shocking new find: "The North Korean technology that I saw is ahead of the Iranians."

Now he’s saying what nobody wants to hear: North Korea has the capability to export its technology, possibly to other nations that might not hesitate to use it against the U.S. – like Iran.

Last year, he saw an empty facility at North Korea’s Yongbyon nuclear complex. But this year he saw 2,000 "pristine" and "beautiful" uranium-enriching centrifuges.

"It really was quite stunning to see that because I simply didn't expect them to have this sophistication, and this scale of a facility,” said Hecker. And judging by his timing, they built it in one year – almost impossible to do.

"The past facilities I have been in ... the control equipment is old-style, 1950's American style." But the new control room was similar to "what you would see in a good facility today in the United States."

...Hecker believes they have enough plutonium for four to eight bombs.

..."My biggest concern is: “Could they be building another reactor?” “Could they be helping the Iranians with a plutonium program?”


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