Saturday, December 18, 2010

North Korea: 'Situation will explode', 'human shield'

"...North Korea said on Saturday the situation on the Korean peninsula would 'explode' if South Korea goes ahead with a planned live-drill artillery exercise on a border island.

...A foreign ministry statement, quoted by the official news agency, accused US troops of providing a 'human shield' for the upcoming drill but repeated threats to attack it. Some 20 US soldiers are to provide back-up assistance to South Korean marines during the exercise.

'If the South Koreans dare to carry out the live-fire drill and cross the line, the situation in the Korean peninsula will explode and a disastrous outcome cannot be avoided,' the statement said. 'We have already declared that we will punish mercilessly without hesitation provokers who invade our sovereignty and territory. Our military does not speak empty words.'"


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