Sunday, November 28, 2010

Rocco Scarfone as Deney Terrio with Opening of Allure, video embedded

hat tip Digtriad and News 2 CLICKHERE  with the title of post "Allure Nightlife Opens Up with Strict Rules and Security".

Not much commentary just a little laughter, check out the 1:52 mark of embedded video and maybe Rocco Scarfone needs to unbutton another button or try out for a remake of Saturday Night Fever with help from Deney Terrio of Dance Fever.

Also Joe Killian had this to say in his article in the Greensboro News and Record CLICKHERE out today
"His own outfit would work, Scarfone said — shoes polished to a high gloss, slim jeans and a tight black short-sleeve shirt unbuttoned to his sternum to show off a large gold crucifix."
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Anonymous said...

This is SOOO Funny! I was thinking the exact same thing when I saw it and laughed my ass off.

Anonymous said...

I hear Scarfone is an imformant for the FEDS. He has been involved in all kinds of cocaine stings..

triadwatch said...

that is some interesting read in the attachment. Is that the same rocco as the one in town? How come nobody else has reported this?