Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mayor Knight and Bob Mays on gift giving and attempted Crony Capitalism?

"The Christmas ham that showed up on Mayor Bill Knight’s doorstep last week ...was a gift from former City Councilman Bob Mays.

It’s Mays’ current gig — as project manager for the company CICO Inc. — that has Knight turning away the ham.

CICO was one of nine companies that bid to handle the city’s trash.

Has Mr. Mays ever given Mr. Knight a Thankgiving gift?
How many other hams did Mr. Mays deliver?
Did any other Council Members recieve Thanksgiving
or other gifts from Mr. Mays?
State law prohibits a contractor with current city work or future plans to bid on a city contract from giving a gift or favor to anyone whose job it is to award that contract.

Does Mr. Mays not have future plans to bid for City contracts?

Mays — who said Knight was an “old buddy” — pointed out that CICO currently has no business before the council.

Will Mr. Knight now have to recuse himself from any votes concerning CICO?

The council was due to personally review the companies and potentially choose a company, but they recently threw out the bids to seek new ones.

Still, to “avoid any perception or misunderstanding,” Knight said Friday he planned to donate the ham. "


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