Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Are some Guilford County Commissioners lying through their teeth?

is the act of pretending to have beliefs, opinions, virtues, feelings, qualities, or standards
that one does not actually have.

Hypocrisy involves the deception of others and is thus a kind of lie.


"New county position in doubt

Last week, the Guilford County commissioners vice chairman, Steve Arnold, dropped out of the running for a new, top-level county job.

This week, a majority of the commissioners say the job shouldn’t exist.

County Manager Brenda Jones Fox, who created the position, is herself reconsidering it.

...[Brenda Jones Fox] said the new position should be beneficial to the county.

"Hopefully this will make us a lot more efficient..." Fox added.

Scott Yost

In a memo sent to commissioners Monday, Fox said she learned in the News & Record that some are against creating the position of director of land use, construction and real estate.


The job was posted to the county website last month — the only place it was advertised...

...Now, a majority of the board say they’re against creating the position altogether — enough to instruct the manager to stop advertising the job.

Commissioners Chairman Melvin “Skip” Alston and Commissioners Mike Winstead, Kirk Perkins, Billy Yow, Paul Gibson and Bruce Davis have said they believe now is not the time.

Guilford County Commissioner Kirk Perkins
said Arnold had every right to apply for the new job, and he said that,
if Arnold does get the job, he had no doubt that would have only happened
at the conclusion of a fair hiring process.

Scott Yost

“I’ve told the manager my concerns,” Alston said. “I think we should probably hold back on that position based on the economy and the concerns of several of the commissioners. They’re legitimate concerns.”

Commissioners Chairman Melvin “Skip” Alston and Commissioner Linda Shaw
both said Arnold should be allowed to apply
and should be chosen if he’s the best candidate.

“How can we say that just because he’s been a commissioner
he shouldn’t apply for a job?” Shaw said.

Commissioner Linda Shaw said she trusts the manager to know
when a position needs to be filled
and to fill it with the best applicant.

She said Arnold should be allowed to apply and, if he's the best applicant,
he should get the job.

"Nobody knows the county better than Steve, I'll tell you that," she said.

"He knows everything and everybody."

Like knowing what the lowest bids are for construction projects
financed by borrowing from our children
that could be passed on to other, more friendly bidders, prior to deadlines

Commissioner Chairman Melvin "Skip" Alston
says he trusts the manager if she says the position is needed.

Arnold should be allowed to apply and be judged on his merits, Alston said.

His history as a commissioner — and his history with Fox
should not play into the decision.

Commissioner Carolyn Coleman
...said that while she thought Arnold should have the same right to apply
as any other candidate

Cashion said Arnold has the right to apply...

Joe Killian

...Fox said opposition from the commissioners surprised her. She said she talked with every commissioner except Gibson about her plan to fill the planning director job..., and her plan to rename the job and redefine its responsibilities.

“No one had any problem with it,” she said.

...“I think the manager got out on a pretty thin limb on this one,” Gibson said. “She misread the board pretty badly.”

Unless she didn't.

Joe Killian

When Arnold was asked if accepting a job created by one of his employees
just as he left office would be unethical,
he said he couldn’t answer.

...Fox said she hadn’t spoken to Arnold about the job
and didn’t know whether he was interested.

...Arnold said he’s always for reducing government where possible.

But this job, he said, is too important to cut..."

Joe Killian

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