Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Why is the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce supporting the quarter cent tax increase?

"...Over its history, the Chamber has worked to develop greater opportunities for the business community while cultivating a more vibrant quality of life."

...the Chamber is still dedicated to building relationships, building business, and building success for companies in the Greensboro area."

About the Chamber
Are all the members of the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce on board
with higher taxes to borrow hundreds of millions more,
or is it just some of the Chamber's members,
like those on the Steering Committee?
"1/4-Cent Makes Sense Steering Committee

Jim Morgan Co-Chair

Steve Bowden Co-Chair

Pat Danahy Co-Chair

Mary Skenes Treasurer

Margaret Arbuckle

Robert "Bob" Brown

Roy Carroll

George Clopton

Lora Cubbage

Tom Dayvault

Shirley Frye

Maurice Hull

Henry Isaacson

Skip Alston

Yvonne Johnson

Dan O'Shea

Rev. Clarence Shuford

Rev. Robert J. Williams"


Anonymous said...

Great question! Thanks for answering it... not. What a waste of electrons.

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