Wednesday, October 27, 2010

If the Simpkins PAC’s Skip Alston and Steve Bowden received $750 from Don Vaughan in 2008, and Skip and Steve support the tax increase…?

The board of directors of the Greensboro Chamber Foundation, which Gave the Quarter Cent Tax Committee $10,000

Deborah Hooper
William Butt
Hoyt Phillips
Dale Hall
Dan Lynch
Jim Melvin
Susan Schwartz
Ralph Shelton
Dennis Barry
Steve Bowden
Denise Turner
Lee Lloyd
Mitchell Johnson
David McNeill
Mackey McDonald
Lee McAllister
Robert Klepfer
Richard Moore
Patrick Danahy

Charles Hagan
Tim Rice

If these folks voted to give the Tax Committee $10,000, are they for borrowing a few hundred more as our revenues fall?

1/4-Cent Makes Sense Steering Committee

Jim Morgan Co-Chair
Steve Bowden Co-Chair
Pat Danahy Co-Chair
Mary Skenes Treasurer - Zoning Commission
Margaret Arbuckle
Robert "Bob" Brown
George Clopton
Lora Cubbage
Tom Dayvault
Shirley Frye - Simpkins PAC?
Maurice Hull
Henry Isaacson - TREBIC MEMBER
Skip Alston - Simpkins PAC
Yvonne Johnson
Dan O'Shea - Also on the Greensboro Merchants Association Board
Rev. Clarence Shuford
Rev. Robert J. Williams

Greensboro Partnership Board Members (partly publicly funded), which gave the Quarter Cent Tax Committee $10,500.

Mr. Arthur Samet Samet Corporation
Mr. Timothy B. Burnett Bessemer Improvement Co.
Mr. Roy E. Carroll III The Carroll Companies
Mr. Edward C. Winslow III Brooks, Pierce, McLendon, Humphrey, & Leonard, LLP.
Ms. Deborah L. Hooper WFMY News 2
Mr. Randall Kaplan Capsule Group, LLC
Mr. Kenneth C. Mayer Jr. Moser Mayer Phoenix Associates, PA
Mr. Jim Melvin Joseph M. Bryan Foundation of Greater Greensboro
Mr. Charles E. Melvin Jr. Smith Moore Leatherwood LLP
Mr. Stephen D. Showefty Koury Corporation
Mr. H. Walker Sanders Community Foundation of Greater GSO
Mr. Robin Saul News & Record
Mr. Richard L. Moore, Weaver Foundation

Mr. R. Steve Bowden, R. Steve Bowden & Associates
Mr. Jim W. Phillips Jr., Brooks, Pierce, McLendon, Humphrey, & Leonard LLP
who gave the Bonds for Schools Committee $500
Ms. Susan S. Schwartz, Cemala Foundation
Mr. J. Patrick Danahy, Greensboro Partnership President & CEO
Ms. Shirley Frye

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Anonymous said...

Mr. R. Steve Bowden, R. Steve Bowden & Associates

Does Mr. Bowden serve on all three boards?