Monday, October 11, 2010

Third Time's Not The Charm on Guilford County Voters on The 1/4 Cent Tax

regional brief from john locke foundation on guilford county 1/4 cent tax referendum

With permission from the John Locke Foundation CLICKHERE and John Hood this report above is a must read for all Guilford County voters because everyone will be asked to increase their taxes this November and as we have seen in past that it has been rejected 2 times before and with the title hopefully it will not happen and third time's not the charm. Please read the scribd version embedded above in this post.

Here is a quote from the report that sums it all up
"Running up excessive debt during good times and taxing in bad times is not a fiscally responsible way to operate a county. Voters are angry at government at all levels — federal, state, and local — because elected offcials promise to be good stewards of hard-earned taxpayer money and then break their promises with excessive spending. Voters in Guilford County have a chance to send the county commissioners a message on November 2. "

That message is to vote NO for a tax increase on November 2, 2010. Please feel free to forward this post to all voters in Guilford County and share with them our frustration at plenty of our Guilford County Commissioners who decided to do this at the last minute and put this on the ballot.

If you would like a little more enlightenment on the past history please enjoy a post over at guarino's blog CLICKHERE with a title "The Guilford County Sales Tax Increase Proposal".

Then in the past few weeks we learn that the usual suspects over at our special interest lobbyist group from the development industry TREBIC is now involved with making this tax increase happen by forming a referendum committee called Quarter Cent Makes Sense with the first donation of $500 coming from the Greensboro Partnership, how nice.Here is some discussion over at guarino's blog on this angle of the committee CLICKHERE

It is time to send a message to our local politicians that enough is enough and on November 2, 2010 VOTE NO to the 1/4 cent tax increase.

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