Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Jeff Hyde, Don Vaughan, Gladys Robinson, Phil Wadsworth and BJ Barnes on Guilford County's Director of Land Use, Construction and Real Estate Position

Should Guilford County Commissioner Steve Arnold
accept a job with Guilford County?

"Commissioner Arnold should decline any County position offered
that is not a necessary position or that compensates him
more than the average Guilford County household.

It seems as if the County doesn't need this position,
if all construction projects are coming in under budget without this position filled.

If this speculative arrangement were to happen,
it would be demonstrative of the Cronyism that exists within the 'Ruling Class.'

Thanks for asking."

Jeff Hyde
Candidate for NC Senate District 27

No, it gives the appearance of impropriety.

Don Vaughan

"The proposal to employ Commissioner Steve Arnold
is an injustice to the County departments.

The county is proposing to consolidate departments for more efficiency.

Such consolidation does not necessarily mean cost savings,
but will probably confuse the very citizens county government is designed to serve;
those who must depend on social services, health services, mental health, etc...
will not understand how to access services.

Secondly, this proposal adds costs by employing a commissioner
who constantly talks about cutting costs.

This is an insult to our community."

Gladys Robinson

it seems that Guilford County has created this job for Steve Arnold,
and with him accepting it,
it would be unethical and unfair to the taxpayers of Guilford County.

Phil Wadsworth
"Yes, if he’s the best qualified and there is a demonstrated need for the position.

This process could have been handled better
and there are many un-answered questions
such as the two I asked at the beginning of this answer,
but the decision is the managers."

BJ Barnes

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