Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Guilford County Commissioner Bruce Davis In Some Hot Water With Federal Tax Liens Over The Years

Guilford County Commissioner and North Carolina Senate candidate Bruce Davis might need to explain himself, considering the 3 documents below.

guilford county commisssioner bruce davis federal tax lien


guilford county commissioner bruce davis federal tax lien part 2


guilford county commissioner federal tax lien part 3

As you can see above, Guilford County Commissioner Bruce Davis has had a few tax liens from the feds against him and his company. In 2007, there was a $14,814.61 tax lien assessed. Then on August 15, 2008, another case was filed with a total tax lien for $10,760.12. Also in October of 2008, it looks like the numbers came down to be $6,224.19.

You can also see from the state web site for corporations, CLICKHERE Bruce Davis is also the treasurer. If there is anyone who needs to speak up for these tax liens, then he may be the only one to blame.

It will be interesting to see if Bruce Davis will come clean on these tax liens against him and his company, because he is in a 3 way race for the North Carolina Senate seat #28 vacated by Katie Dorsett.

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Anonymous said...

And here he is wanting to increase our taxes on the ballot. He needs to pay his own first!

Say NO to the Bruce Davis Tax Increase

Anonymous said...

Typical sneaky politician.....and we should send him to the senate?....what a joke...