Thursday, July 15, 2010

TREBIC 2009 City Council Candidate Questions: Should Rental Unit Certificate of Occupancy (RUCO) taskforce meet at TREBIC’s headquarters?

4) Are you in favor of merging the following:

a. GSO planning department with Guilford County?
b. GSO inspections department with Guilford County?
c. Other departments? (name them)
d. Boards and Commissions

If TREBIC has a higher likelyhood of controling
a percentage of segmented, separated departments
instead of perhaps not being able to manipulate fewer, larger entities
does TREBIC prefer merged or non-merged municipal departments?

14) In general, are you willing to support rezonings which provide for higher densities and mixed-use projects even though neighbors oppose it in:

a. infill sites?
b. urban fringe areas?

In other words, as a candidate,
are you going to prioritize TREBIC's best interests or the electorate
which we may provide campaign funding likely to convince them otherwise?

16) “John and Jane” just bought a brand new house in Guilford County. Should they pay a special tax (over and above what you pay) to have their child in public school?

Do you favor retarding the profitability of TREBIC members
at taxpayer expense?

25) Do you think that Adequate Public Facilities Ordinances that require “voluntary” fees are a good idea?

My answer: How can a voluntary fee be required?

29) Which of the following options would you support as a way to finance parklands and open space:

a. acquisition with public funds
b. voluntary donations
c. required dedication during development
d. condemnation
e. incentives in the development process

In other words, do you promise to transfer taxpayer dollars
to TREBIC members or not?

32) Should the city enact stormwater regulations and stream buffer requirements that are more stringent than what the EPA and NCDENR require?

In other words, do you promise not to do anything more than required minimums?

34) Which of the following options would you support as a way to offset anticipated revenue shortfalls?

a. additional sales taxes
b. increased user fees
c. increased car registration fees
d. impact fees
e. increased gas tax
f. real estate transfer taxes
g. increased property tax
h. use of special taxing districts
i. Bonds
j. Certificates of Participation
k. Increased permit, inspection and plan review fees
l. Project Development (Tax Increment) Financing
m. 2/3 Bonds
n. Delay of bond issues
o. No additional revenues needed
p. Increased government efficiencies. Suggestions?:
q. Cuts in government staff and/or services. If so, which ones?
r. Other:

Are you going to continue to provide public funding for TREBIC members
if tax revenues fall short?

35) Do you support economic development incentives?

Are you going to vote to transfer taxpayer dollars to TREBIC members?

36) Will you agree to discuss proposals that impact this industry with industry representatives in the early conceptual stages of the idea?

Will you tell us before anyone else
about anything that might lead us to not funnell more campaign cash your way
so we can control the political process outside of the public spotlight?

37) What is the best time and way for staff to work with affected parties, including the real estate industry, when drafting policies, ordinances and fees?

a. at the very beginning, while still considering concepts
b. after drafting the proposal, but before beginning the public hearing process.
c. public participation should be at the public hearings only
d. not at all
e. input should be to elected officials only

Can TREBIC have permission to run the government?

38) When new or revised ordinances are being proposed, frequently there are a few points on which staff and industry cannot agree, which must be decided by Council. Do you favor passing the ordinance…:

a. as proposed and drafted by staff
b. as proposed and drafted by staff with a fixed time period for review and evaluation of the ordinance
c. after full discussion of each disputed point at a council hearing or briefing session
d. after assigning one or more Council members to meet with staff and industry to resolve the remaining issues before coming to public hearing?

Can TREBIC members get what they want behind closed doors?
39) RUCO?

Should an organization whose purpose
may be to disenfranchise and remove power from the many
for the benefit of a few
conduct City of Greensboro business at TREBIC's headquarters?

41) Do you support the Heart of the Triad project?

Should a lobbying organization whose members have a substantial level of control
over Greensboro and Guilford County's electoral process
that questions, interviews and lobbys candidates
and makes recomendations for endorsements
hold public meetings at their headquarters?
George Hartzman


triadwatch said...

kind of brings back memories of egbar melvin

Wayne Stutts said...

I think the COG Planning Department should be merged with Guilford County and run half of the damn arrogant idiots on the Cog staff off and fired, IMMEDIATELY.

I think the Cog Inspections Department should me merged with the county also, but definitely runed by the COG. Without a doubt the Greensboro Inspection Department is the finest in the state. Butch Simmons has put together a fine staff of inspectors. Dan Reynolds is a fine man loaded with a bunch of common sense. He runs the best department anywhere I have ever worked. David Jones, his assistant, also tries his best and is very competent and gets along with everyone. It would be a colloquial mistake to send them over to a political run system such as Guilford County Commissioners.

Wayne Stutts said...

Oops, run by

triadwatch said...

wayne here is what has happened they had talked about merging but it never materialized because as you can see lately it seems like the county wants to run things. You can also see that the city of greensboro is getting more land year after year with the etj on county property which is extra territorial jurisdiction. Now we see this water and sewer deal between both down the drain. So now you will probably see more areas want to annex into greensboro.

We also have oak ridge getting ETJ and High Point also with their ETJ and also Jamestown is expanding.

So i see more of the county getting way more smaller into the future and we will see what happens but that is my prediction. Hope that explains my theory in a few words.