Thursday, July 15, 2010

N.C. Assoc. of ABC Boards Annual Meeting is Held ? Are You Kidding Me!

It was interesting to read the Greensboro News and Record today, 7-15-2010 to read the investigative reporting from Mark Binker regarding the local chairman of the Greensboro ABC commission. Now the Governor has chimed in CLICKHERE and wants serious action taken against Katie Alley.

One interesting thing to read in the paper edition that is not online is that Mike Fox, the lawyer for the Greensboro ABC commission, wants to meet asap on this issue, but some are out of town and starting next week some will be attending the Association's annual meeting.
Which gets me to what you are going to see in the scribd version below
2010 Summer Conference Bulletin for N.C. Assoc. of ABC Commissions

As you can see from the registration above but if you can't see the scribd version you can go to this web location CLICKHERE and what Mark Binker wrote this morning, the North Carolina Asssociation of ABC Boards, which is a part of the State of North Carolina, is spending our tax dollars in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Not anywhere in North Carolina.
The room rates look to be around $200 a night and the conference registration is $145 for the meeting.
We can also probably say that the chairman's and other attendees will probably come back to North Carolina and expense this trip as a business trip in another state.
Does anyone see the irony in this?
Our state ABC association is housing their annual meeting in another state.
Are you kidding me?
Let's see if anyone will talk about this on top of all the ethical lapses in judgement of boards from Charlotte to Wilmington to Greensboro, now that they are meeting in another state.
You would think in this recession that a North Carolina association would want to spend their dollars in North Carolina.................think not.

Here is a great link to send to the people at the North Carolina Association of ABC Boards CLICKHERE
if you didn't clickhere it is a link to VISITNC the state tourism web site.

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Hugh said...

Typical entitlement attitude of bureaucrats.

What is wrong with having a meeting in a state facility in Raleigh?

triadwatch said...

hugh, i know so many associations want to have their meetings in the mountains or the coast but since you are a state agency could you please have it in your own state

George Hartzman said...

Who would have thought; A government owned monopoly insulting North Carolina bussiness owners who they sell thier products to, by spending North Carolinian taxpayer dollars to benefit South Carolinian businesses and taxpayers.

"Quid Pro Quo Clarice"

I wonder where South Carolina's ABC board is having their annual boondoggle.

Fec said...

Be calm, citizens, SC allows dull nine-year olds to sell liquor and has no valiant groups of citizens accountable to the state and responsible for liquor sales. Why, ALE perpetually perp-marches ABC employees for any number of statute infractions.

I dare say they must repair to SC in order to properly enjoy themselves without fear of reproach. The worst which may befall a NC ABC official is a night in the Horry County jail, an experience enjoyed by many of us, lacking serious deleterious effects.

Anonymous said...
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triadwatch said...

it was amazing to see them give you a long island iced tea back in the 90's when they made them use the airplane bottles, luckily i didn't need to go to horry county jail and never had to bail anyone out , mainly partied at rented house with no driving except to Crazy Zacks

Fec said...

Ah yes, we used to see the giants from Williams in Burlington, improved by science, who kicked our asses in football. I never took the bus to jail, either, and never had to bail anybody out.

Our ABC officials should be so fortunate.