Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Greensboro City Council Member Robbie Perkins Text Messages to Developer Roy Carroll During Council Meeting, Any Ethical Questions?

Perkins Texts

Above you will see the text messages from Greensboro City Council member Robbie Perkins to local developer Roy Carroll. During this last council meeting on December 15, 2009 it was discovered that Robbie Perkins was texting back and forth to Roy Carroll about a situation involving a court case which is totally a separate issue and a condemnation of Kotis properties to put in water and sewer to Roy Carroll's property off of horse pen creek road.

The first issue that needs to be addressed is should council members be text messaging during council meetings? The answer should be NO because the council members need to be concentrating on who is speaking to them and the case in front of them and not text messaging their friends or in Robbie Perkins case your TREBIC which stands for the Triad Real Estate and Building Industry Coalition buddy.

The second issue is to see if Greensboro City Council member Robbie Perkins is also Roy Carroll's leasing agent for this property off of horse pen creek road? If Yes ,then the councilman needs to recuse himself from yet another case that comes in front of the City of Greensboro. Here is a post from the past where both Robbie Perkins and Roy Carroll are tied together CLICKHERE on the center city pointe in downtown Greensboro.

To understand the above text messages in the first text message it talks about a person by the name of winfree, that happens to be Kotis Properties lawyer in Chick Winfree. The third text says that is has been tabled till January 5, 2010.In the fourth text it states that "Al" has been giving me the play by play. Al is probably, Al Leonard who is Vice President Carroll Commercial Construction Company and Carrolland Company.And the last text seems like Robbie Perkins saying to Roy Carroll to go toe to toe with Kotis Properties. The "Terry" in the last text is Greensboro City Attorney Terry Wood.

A lot of this came out in front because we had a airplane incident over the summer where local developer Roy Carroll wanted to fly the Mayor of Greensboro and chairman of Guilford County Board of Commissioners Skip Alston to Washington D.C. , well some of us including this blog wanted to say that this was completely unethical for this to happen CLICKHERE for that post on July 10,2009 titled "Greensboro City Attorney Advised That Trip To D.C. Raises Ethical Concerns for Mayor of Greensboro and County Chairman. Then
on July 16, 2009 we have this post CLICKHERE titled "Roy Carroll's Company + City of Greensboro are Defendents in a Court Case As We Speak, Any Ethical Questions Now?. Now we fast forward to the end of year where the city now wants to condemn Kotis Properties for water and sewer to Roy Carroll's companies and we have a sitting Greensboro Council member text messaging the president of the company while the council meeting is going on. Amazing.

Hopefully the Mayor of Greensboro Bill Knight will make sure that all council members turn off their cell phones and not look down at their blackberry's of I phones during council meetings.

We also need to let the court case run it's course on this issue because it seems that the city attorney Terry Wood has sided with Roy Carroll on this issue and the reserve strip is acceptable but to Kotis Properties it is not but we see that Greensboro City Council Member Robbie Perkins has advised Roy Carroll that "Terry was forthright, you and marty should go toe to toe on Jan 5".

If you want to see the court case of Kotis VS. City of Greensboro & Horse Pen Creek Village CLICKHERE plenty of tidbits in that court case.

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Amanda Lehmert from the Greensboro News & Record has a update with a quote from Greensboro City Council member Robbie Perkins CLICKHERE


Ronnie said...

Nothing's wrong with contacting your councilman when the government is trying to pay for one man's property (Kotis) with that of another's (Carroll)! This is ridiculous. If I were Carroll, I would be calling, texting and e-mailing all the councilmen, mayor and governor if the city dared take my property as payment for another's.

HJ said...

Haha. Kotis' attorney is named "Chick Winfree"

Anonymous said...

Imagine that, Councilmen actually doing their jobs...Go Carroll-demand action from all the councilmen. Don't let kotis nor the city get your property. It's yours.

Hello said...

Chick and Kotis have been after Carroll's access for a long while now, and they need to give it up. Either pay for it like everyone else has to or move on to another piece of property. Regardless, quit using our governmental resources in an effort to bribe the city into giving Kotis free access property. This is a waste of our tax dollars and time.

RJ said...

Jeff Posted this on another blog, that I thought was interesting: "When the government is paying one man with another's is not a unilateral taking and I don't think RJ and Alex make it out to be that way. There are only two types of condemnation allowed: eminent domain and regulatory takings. This is an eminent domain case--the government is taking private property for public use. A taking is allowed only if government pays just compensation-- See the 5th and 14th Amendments. Thus the government must pay just compensation via cash or, at the very least, something it owns. The government may not, however, pay for land it wants to take for water/sewer by paying for it with something it doesn't own-- i.e. Carroll's land. This is a classic case of bribery. See it for what it is. If it were a unilateral taking, the government would simply pay Kotis for the easement. Yet, Kotis is now asserting payment by way of taking land from a person who has no interest in the particular sewer easement action. If I was arguing that the government should pay for a road they wanted to pave over my house with your house, you would be mighty upset, as anyone would. Well, this is what you are advocating for. You sound just as ridiculous as Kotis' attorney. I'd call everyone I knew in a public office if this nonsense happened to me, and I'd expect them to respond to such outlandish behavior."

Unknown said...

rj or jeff so why did roy carroll put in a 800 foot spite strip?