Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Greensboro City Council Member Zack Matheny Still Won't Come Clean on His Anonymous Investors off of Highway 68

It is time for Greensboro City Council member Zack Matheny to come clean on his investment development with fellow Greensboro City Council member Robbie Perkins on land off of Highway 68 . This is why we need ethics taken to the next level where nobody knows who these investors are? Have they had other business in front of council?Are some of the investors a part of one of the biggest law firms in town ?

Below is what Zack Matheny said to a question from the Greensboro News and Record for their 2009 Questionaire.

4. What community or business interests could
possibly create conflicts of interest for you on the council, and how would you handle them?

In the past, I have had two occasions that have
required recusal from a vote. At one point, I had an investment in land on Highway 68 and when a vote came up I recused myself, which is what is legally expected.
I am no longer involved with that investment. I work for a company that has real estate holdings in Greensboro, however, the properties have been in existence for numerous years and require no Council request. In the almost 34
years since the company I work for has been founded, no one has been in front of City for any reguest therefore i would be surprised if it created a conflict.

On February 19, 2009 on a post on Triadwatch titled"Robbie Perkins 4 Conflicts of Interest and Had Partner in Over Development Crime on 2 of them" CLICKHERE

Here is what was said in the post

"Then at the end of the council meeting the city of Greensboro had 2 resolution's to have an agreement with Guilford County to add sewer and water to the Northwest campus for GTCC. This agreement's would cost the city of Greensboro $2,083,534 with the county picking up $2,825,397.
Then come to find out they are bringing water and sewer to a part of the city where it looks like Robbie Perkins and partner in over development crime Councilman Zack Matheny had to abstain from the vote because of financial ties to land speculation done by both Robbie Perkins and Zack Matheny which has been reported before on Triadwatch
CLICKHERE with the title "Highway 68 North + Anonymous Investors +Zack and Robbie = Ethical Problems".
Councilman Zack Matheny contemplated for about 20 seconds because he is not a part of this development company anymore but who knows what you were a part of to begin with.It is time for Zack MAtheny to come clean on his ties to this development company you were a part of last year. This is the kind of cozy relationship's between developers and city council members that needs to be transparent for all to know and see.
These items and plenty other conflicts of interest need to stop and the only way to do that is to vote these ethically challenged city councilmen out of office come fall.There could be a recurring theme come fall where the citizens can get their council back and have a
with a trifecta of developers on council to vote out of office in Perkins, Matheny and Groat. "

Come clean Zack Matheny and Robbie Perkins on this whole ordeal that is still going on since September 17, 2008.Name all the investors in this whole property, it is called transparency and ethics.

We all know you 2 both read the blogs because here is what David Hoggard had to say at ed cone's blog CLICKHERE on September 26, 2009

"In the last couple of weeks I spoke of local blogs and their content with Robbie P. and Zack M. They both read and lurk here and elsewhere (as do most all other local leaders - elected and not). "

If not, than this could be a case study on getting another law passed on the state level to make these ethics disclosure forms mandatory for all local and county elected officials all over this state.

UPDATE: After this post went on Guarino's blog and look who posted a comment ? CLICKHERE

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