Sunday, August 16, 2009

Town Approves Rules to Fight ‘Pay to Play’ , What a Novel Idea for Guilford County

What a novel idea the town of Greenburgh in New York has come up with. Here is a few paragraphs and if you want to see the whole article click on the title above .

"In an effort to end the influence-buying practice known as pay to play, the Greenburgh Town Council has approved new regulations governing campaign donations that its members, in a statement, said could be the toughest in the state.

The regulations, approved late last month, make it illegal for public officials to accept campaign contributions from developers, contractors or their lawyers or agents for a year before and a year after an application is reviewed by a town board, said John McLaughlin, a member of the town’s Board of Ethics."

Wouldn't this be something that might need to be a part of the process in Guilford County because as we have seen on some of the comments on TRIADWATCH here is what i am assuming is a anonymous developer had this to say on a earlier thread.

"I'd rather avoid the veil misconception and acknowledge that it most definitely is a pay to play arena: in GSO and in every corner of this earth. Get real. If you lack funding, you better make it up with bodies. Let's be honest, the more you contribute to a city's economic well-being, the more a public official is going to want to keep you around. I make so darn little that I hardly pay taxes. Do you think the mayor gives two flips about my opinion? No. But I bet she will when I storm up the steps with 100 folks. But I'm not going to waste my time garnering up 100 folks. That's your job, triad. I'll take my chances at the poker table, where I "pay to play". Hopefully, I'll hit that royal flush someday. When I do, I'll be sure to use my money bags to influence the city council in hopes they'll advocate my view and anyone else who shares it-even you. Anyone who tells you it's not about money, has too much of it. Our belief is, however, that the city is working to procure money for us. Isn't that why we elect our official? So they create an environment that's vibrant and successful. -There ain't no free lunch or spot at the table - poker or city council - here, or anywhere else."

It is time to fix the whole system and it seems like our friends in New York state have a great idea and hopefully in the future it can be brought to the table as well down in North Carolina to get rid of the "Pay to Play" mindset that is so absorbed into the process.

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