Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Campaign Financial Reports are Out For Mid Year with Plenty of Candidates Reporting Donors

The new campaign reports are out with a few of the candidates filling out their mid year 2009 report. There are a few missing on this list including Greensboro Mayor Yvonne Johnson, Bill Knight, Ben Holder, T Dianne Bellamy Small, Jim Kee, Robbie Perkins, Zack Matheny and plenty of others.
It is also noted that if you click on Greensboro City Council member Sandra Anderson Groat you will her 2009 campaign returns mid year with total election this cycle filled out it should say zero on total election this cycle not have it say total receipts of $47,174.07 and total expenditures as the same don't know why, but it does.
You can also see that Greensboro City Council member Mike Barber still has over $13,142.03 in the bank account for future use who knows what that might be.

Also At Large Greensboro candidate Ryan Shell has a few interesting campaign contributors along with Nancy Vaughan. You can go to the Guilford County Board of Elections web site by clicking on the title above or the "WELCOME" title below.To also see each indvidual returns click on below their name.


Jordan Green said...

One of Nancy Vaughan's "interesting" campaign contributors would be one Keith Brown. Along with Jim Melvin. Just messing with you, Keith.

triadwatch said...

jordan wins the prize. Wanted to see who would bust out on that tidbit. Good catch.