Monday, March 9, 2009

Voter Fraud Down East in Early One Stop Voting in North Carolina

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It seems like a vote buying scheme was done during the one stop voting aspect of city council elections in Lumberton North Carolina back in 2007, here is a part of the story

"Leon Maynor, the incumbent, filed a complaint two weeks before the election claiming that the coupons were used to buy votes. Maynor said the coupons were given to those who would vote for challenger Laura Sampson during one-stop voting. The complaint alleged that the coupons offered a $5 discount redeemable at Huddle House on West Fifth Street in Lumberton."

$5.00 coupons to the Huddle House, priceless . But in Lumberton they can be used for a vote buying scheme.

The one aspect of this whole situation is to find out that the State Board of Elections has had this investigation since fall of 2007 and are now getting around to the findings, that is way too long.

It is now in the hands of the local District Attorney . It will be interesting to see if any charges will be handed down.

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