Tuesday, March 10, 2009

N.C. Openbook will Track State Contracts and Grants

In the State of the State Address by Governor Perdue had this to say courtesy of mync.com CLICKHERE

"But, back to business. We will ensure that the recovery dollars are spent with maximum efficiency, transparency, and accountability. I have put a team together in my Office of Economic Recovery & Investment that will track every dollar.

With the click of a mouse, taxpayers can go to http://www.NCRecovery.gov and see details of our investments. You'll know where the money went, who got the contract, and when they completed the work. Soon, NC OpenBook will do the same for all state contracts and grants worth more than $10,000. This is taking care of the people's business, North Carolina style."

Will look forward to seeing those contracts and grants. This is a positive direction in the name of transparency. Hopefully more government actions will be taken to have more transparency because former Governor Easley sure did not help in that process.


Anonymous said...

They should track all teh things. It is freakin amazing.

GrantS said...

I am sure these guides will help lot of folks.

triadwatch said...

we will see how this process will work and if it is helpful to all. Maybe it can be a wake up call to just see how much is being paid for contracts and grants. I checked out the web site small business grants money, nice site. I think it will be amazing to find out just what is being granted by the government

Anonymous said...

The Jacksonville Country Club is getting close to half a million dollars to restore a stream that runs through their property. This is a private country club. I wonder who in state government is a member. Check it out on NCOpenBook.

triadwatch said...

i will go check it out, thanks