Monday, March 30, 2009

Triadwatch Has Some New Friends in the Fight for Campaign Contribution Transparency in Guilford County

Triadwatch has learned tonight that there is help in trying to clean up these campaign contribution returns turned in to the Guilford County Board of Elections from reading the Yes Weekly Blog CLICKHERE or click on the title above with a title "Did Mary Rakestraw violate campaign finance law?"

The new political action committee called Stand Up Greensboro CLICKHERE has filed a letter of inquiry in to the campaign contributions of Mary Rakestraw from 2007 in her successful campaign for a seat on the Greensboro City Council.

Andrew Murphy from the Stand Up Greensboro PAC had this to say in post

"Murphy notes that the Committee for Mary Rakestraw did not report the names, addresses, occupations and employers of 13 contributors who wrote $100 checks to the candidate. The Rakestraw committee’s 2007 year-end semi-annual report lists the $100 checks on a form reserved for aggregate individual contributions that explicitly states “optional form used to report NC contributions from individuals of $50 or less.”

Now it seems like more people are becoming aware of plenty of local politicians who are not reporting their campaign contributions correctly. In last year's elections there was plenty of talk about Guilford County Commissioner Paul Gibson who left nearly 50% of his forms empty CLICKHERE. Also candidate Larry Proctor was very lax in his reporting as well CLICKHERE

Where is George Gilbert the Director of the Guilford County Board of Elections on these issues?

The time has come for all of these local politicians in Guilford County to start to be held accountable for their actions and if it takes citizens to write letters of inquiry to the State Board of Elections please do . If you want to see a lot of the local politicians and their campaign contributions CLICKHERE and if you see any discrepencies in their campaign return forms please let Triadwatch know and will see if there is any violation of campaign law.


Roch101 said...

Friends? Plural? Who else besides Mr. Murphy?

triadwatch said...

Anyone who wants to be a part of cleaning up campaign returns in Guilford COunty