Sunday, November 2, 2008

Paul Gibson Needs To Get a New Treasurer Not Himself

To be fair TRIADWATCH also looked at other candidates in Guilford COunty and noticed one of the other candidates in the race for Guilford County Commissioner had problems also.

Paul Gibson who is running for a at large seat as a Guilford County Commissioner has turned in his third quarter campaign contribution forms to the Guilford County Board of Elections.If you want to see his forms click on the title to this post above , or CLICKHERE then proceed to Paul Gibson.

The State of North Carolina has simple rules and regulations that all candidates and their treasurers have to follow. One of these North Carolina General Statutes is

§ 163‑278.11. Contents of treasurer’s statement of receipts and expenditures.(a) Statements filed pursuant to provisions of this Article shall set forth the following:

(1) Contributions. – Except as provided in subsection (a1) of this section, a list of all contributions received by or on behalf of a candidate, political committee, or referendum committee.

The statement shall list the name and complete mailing address of each contributor, the amount contributed, the principal occupation of the contributor, and the date such contribution was received. The total sum of all contributions to date shall be plainly exhibited.

Forms for required reports shall be prescribed by the Board. As used in this section, “principal occupation of the contributor” means the contributor’s:a. Job title or profession; andb. Employer’s name or employer’s specific field of business activity .

Paul Gibson had over 21 out of 45 forms left empty in the areas of job title and employer's name.As reported before with the other candidate for commissioner this is not acceptable and will be reported to the Guilford County Board of Elections for purposes of amending your returns.

Here are a few of the people contributing to Paul Gibson who are not that hard to know or find the information on them.

Marilyn Green
Kay Cashion
Steve Showfety, Koury Corp.
Joe Bryan Jr. ,

Time for a change in reporting these lax campaign forms and to see close to half of your returns are left empty is not a good sign for transparency in local government.

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