Saturday, October 16, 2010

Guilford County Voters: Next Time, Please Do Your Homework - A Repost For All To Remember

This is a repost from a few years ago that needs to be reiterated to plenty of voters in Guilford County. If you don't know the candidate, or haven't done the research to find out about the candidate, then your best bet is to not vote for them or the position. Because this is what happens below. This was not a shining monent for voters in Guilford County.

Scott Yost from the Rhino Times reports more on the interesting saga of the Guilford County Soil and Water Supervisor with a fake name, CLICKHERE or click on the title above.

Here is the first paragraph from this post by Scott Yost,"The man who ran in and won the Guilford County Soil and Water Conservation District supervisor race in the November 2008 election did so under a fake name: "Kirk Perkins," the winning candidate, is actually a transient whose real name is Kirk Newell."

There was an earlier post on Triadwatch on this issue: CLICKHERE

Does anyone see how this makes Guilford County voters look? As a voter, to know that just doing a little research could have prevented this from happening, or if you just took my advice back on October 29, 2008 on Triadwatch CLICKHERE with the title named "Found A Soil and Water Candidate to Vote for in Guilford County" , this could have been averted.

Let's try a new tactic in any upcoming election. If you don't know who to vote for, please don't vote in that race at all, or you might just end up with this as your representative on any board or commission.

If information comes in on how to let the state board know that Andrew Courts needs to be appointed to the commission, it will be updated.


Shannon said...

Kirk Newell & kirk perkins are both fake! He is now going under the name (Ben. L. Smith) he is now living in Flo also!

criss said...

OBAMA thats news not this crap! Who care is Kirk is a Perkins or now! If the people are so dume to vote a fake person into office that shows the lack of the people and there brains! GET A LIFE AND GET OVER IT

triadwatch said...

hopefully this will make people be aware if you dont know any info about the candidate don't vote for that candidate even for a position like soil and water

Anonymous said...

That dume to ask Crawford is the one who turn him in, Crawford has papers on kirk for back rent and etc, if you read the papers your see crawford only found out when he took papers on kirk! Crawford was scam more than anyone! Fact: Crawford is the person we all need to say (grate work and keep it up) but know the papers in town are jokes! 10 to 1 thay will twist this to the point no one know whats true and not in the news.

Frank said...

Mr Perkins now lives in San Diego Ca, I work at the USPS! He has put a Change of Address to all 6 old Address to there

O my Gosh! said...

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The Logistician said...

I told Brenda Bowers (And So I Go, Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow), here in Greensboro, who is a regular reader of my blog, that I wanted to locate other local bloggers who generated articles which stimulated thought, and she suggested that I visit your blog. I have to say that she was correct. I enjoyed the visit and plan to return with some degree of regularity.

triadwatch said...

thank you very much for your kind words. Sorry it took me a few days to post but i also have another blog where we are restoring protest petitions to the citizens of greensboro and needed to spend more time on that blog at this time.

I will be posting a lot of different aspects of happenings in area and will link you on triadwatch

Lt Johnson said...

06/2009 id fake VIETNAM Mon, Jun 15, 2009 10:30 AM June 11, 2009 issue

Perkins In Own Private Idaho

by Scott D. Yost
County Editor

write the author April 09, 2009
Ever since the Nov. 4, 2008 election, residents of Guilford County have wondered what happened to mystery man Kirk Perkins, who ran in and won the five-man race for Guilford County soil and water conservation district supervisor. Though Perkins – whose real name may be Kirk Newell – didn't do any campaigning, return calls to reporters or even give a real name to the Guilford County Board of Elections, the transient with a history of mental issues won the race – apparently because he filed under the name "Kirk Perkins," which is also the name of Commissioner Kirk Perkins, who, at that time, was the chairman of the Board of Commissioners.

Perkins/Newell didn't show up for the swearing in ceremony; his cell phone number suddenly stopped working; and he seemingly fell off the face of the earth. Many people had a lot of questions for him: everyone from former landlords, who say they got shafted on the rent, to election officials – not to mention high-ranking soil and water conservation officials.

Finally, after five months, the mystery is solved: Perkins/Newell is residing at 92 W. Skyline Dr. in Blanchard, Idaho – on a very out-of-the-way ranch in northern Idaho where he rents a bunkhouse. Perkins has no car, no phone and is living on about $700 a month that he gets in government disability payments.

Perkins/Newell became the center of attention soon after winning the race last fall and, two months later, the election officials wanted to question him regarding felony election fraud and other possible charges.

Perkins evidently decided the heat was too high to stay in North Carolina, and he moved to Washington state, where he laid low in the town of Elk. He lived there until about two weeks ago, when he began renting a bunkhouse at Covenant Ranch owned by Bill Oliver and his wife.

Oliver, a pastor, said that, soon after he met the mystery man – who needed a place to stay – he felt Perkins/Newell might have some mental issues, and he also said the stranger's stories didn't add up. Oliver said his wife shared his suspicions.

"We knew there was something wrong with this man," Oliver said.

Oliver said, for instance, that Perkins/Newell – who's still going by the name Kirk Perkins – told the two that he was ex-military.

Oliver said his wife has worked extensively with military personnel and said she invited two military officers to come to the ranch. They met with Newell/Perkins for about four hours, and they didn't buy his story either.

"They said, 'We don't believe this guy has ever been in the military,'" Oliver said.
According to Oliver, when he confronted Perkins/Newell about his claims of military service, Perkins/Newell had a highly questionable explanation.

"He said that he was in covert ops," Oliver said.

According to Oliver, Perkins/Newell said his military service was so covert that records of his activities and time in the military were kept under wraps at the Pentagon......

Kirk is a nut!

John Strider said...

not to be a ass but why are you not talking about obama ? obama is killing the usa, 2 years old crap like this? obama is news sorry but no one cares about 2 years old news!

Anonymous said...

Can you believe is 2018, this fool Perkins is back in the Thomasville news, Apparently hes been holding up at the veterans home in Thomasville North Carolina playing the same us marine game again , Why is this guy on the streets