Friday, September 5, 2008

NC Department of Transportation Get Out of the 50's Mentality

North Carolina Department of Transportation and local planners continue to employ the discredited 1950s mentality of building new roads without exploring alternatives. This makes no sense in the 21st Century.

North Carolina’s daunting financial challenges, rising fuel costs, and the devastating environmental consequences are compelling reasons to oppose new road projects when it seems there isn’t enough money in the state to fix potholes. Our infrastructure is imploding, and the Triad region is failing EPA’s air quality standards.

The General Assembly’s spending of our tax dollars to preserve forests and cropland is futile unless NC DOT accepts the “No Build Alternative” in Environmental Impact Statements and adopts a “Fix-It-First Policy”. When funds are available, rail service would promote regional connectivity and would indicate the 21st Century Transportation Committee is serious about reform.

Recent reports indicate the committee will recommend that the General Assembly seek voter approval of a one billion dollar bond package to address our transportation needs. Providing more funding for NCDOT is not the answer if the same officials continue to operate in the same inefficient and political ways.

Decadent use of taxpayer dollars and maniacal consumption and destruction of our natural resources must end.

Cathy M. Poole
Coalition of Concerned Citizens of the Triad
Kernersville North Carolina