Sunday, July 2, 2017

N.C. Rep. Jeff Collins Touts N.C. Press Taxpayer Giveaway as Good Business Model

If you want to get a great laugh for the day check out what N.C. Rep. Jeff Collins had to say in the Rocky Mount Telegram about Public Notices in paper CLICKHERE .

I quote
"“I'm not sure how changes would affect newspapers. I'm worried about the small weekly papers. They have good business models because they've been around a long time. I want to know what will happen to those newspapers.”

To give a little background of what is happening in North Carolina we are trying to pass some new laws to upgrade the way we get in touch with people all over this state which is the internet . The N.C. Press Association wants us to still stay in the dark and also pay out the wazoo as taxpayers to the dying newspaper .

In regards to small town newspapers like the Jamestown News and others they are telling us that if we quit providing the papers with this subsidy in state mandated using only the newspaper of choice for public notices we will have to shut down the paper.

As we see from other parts of state we have a state legislator telling us that they have a good business model because they have been around a long time. What horse honkey BS is this ? The business model has been take these state mandated public notice money sit back do nothing like selling your paper and live off the taxpayers because that is what I am seeing. Plenty of newspapers all over this state and country know that this is coming and with more education as to the millions spent by the taxpayers to keep these newspapers afloat it is time the N.C. Press Association to provide a different business model not the one on the backs of the Taxpayers all over this state.

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