Monday, October 21, 2013

Richie Rich Roy Carroll's Senior Hires Refuse To Move To Greensboro

Our glowing new publisher of the Rhino Times has a new article out this week which is mostly a endorsement of his friend Robbie Perkins for Mayor of Greensboro. One interesting aspect of this column is this,

"The last three senior hires I have made at The Carroll Companies have refused to move to Greensboro.  These people wanted to stay in Raleigh, Charlotte and Colorado and commute to work weekly instead of moving here.  They commute into Greensboro every Monday morning, live in temporary housing and then leave on Friday afternoon.  These are people with very specific skills that I have to have to grow my businesses.
Several friends of mine have complained about the same problem.  This is an issue this city must address if we want to recruit new businesses and grow our existing businesses.  I am concerned any CEO is going to think long and hard about relocating to a city where there are significant impediments to attracting the talent they need for their business to be successful.
We are losing the battle for attracting new and higher paying jobs and recruiting professionals to our community.  Why?  Because we lag other peer cities in job creation, cultural outlets and education.
So what does that mean to us long term?  It means that as the cost of government continues to grow, as it will, if we don’t increase our population and tax base, then our taxes will increase."

Let's get this straight you Richie Rich Roy Carroll could increase the tax base of Greensboro attracting higher paying senior level jobs but they refuse to live in Greensboro . Does this make any sense? You say we are losing the battle for attracting new jobs but you then hire senior level positions who refuse to live in Greensboro. . What is so bad about Greensboro, please explain? You say we lag other peer cities in job creation but then you still hire senior level positions who take temporary housing in Greensboro all week then go home to their families in Charlotte, Raleigh and Colorado.

Greensboro is a great city to live in and to read Roy Carroll's diatribe is sad.Thanks Roy for not increasing our population and tax base.

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