Sunday, October 20, 2013

City Proposes Referendum To Allow Legal Notices to be Published Online


Novi, Michigan Proposes Referendum To Allow Legal Notices to Be Published Online

The Michigan Press Association Bulletin reported on October 3 that the city of Novi, Michigan intends to let their citizens vote via public referendum in November as to whether to publish public notices on their website as opposed to in newspapers.
A municipality putting to the public a change to more responsibly spend the taxpayers' money might be applauded by an association of newspapers. 
The difference here is that this newspaper association, unlike others, perhaps reflecting the dire situation of newspapers in Michigan, makes no pretense of caring about how this bill might impact the citizens. Their interest, in addressing the statewide newspaper publishers in the bulletin is purely in helping the already subsidized print newspaper industry:
"Our goal is to keep you from being legislated out of business"
Good luck Novi. Assuming the referendum gets on the ballot, much of the newspaper industry and county and town associations will be eagerly watching the returns.
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