Saturday, July 27, 2013

Senate bill would retain protest petitions | The Herald-Sun

Senate bill would retain protest petitions | The Herald-Sun

Thanks go out to plenty who heard and took action about this slip in bill in the house regulatory reform act that the N.C. House tried to pass but the N.C. Senate took out the language to repeal Protest Petitions before the North Carolina Legislature adjourned for the year.

Thnaks to WXII 12 for being the only local tv media to talk about this issue.

Big thanks also goes out to House Rep. Pricey Harrison  who tried unsuccessfully to amend the bill in the House to get this wording taken out to repeal Protest Petitions. It was also great to see both Rep. Jon Hardister and Rep. John Blust vote with Rep. Harrison to amend this bill.

I am sure we will not see the end of this issue to repeal Protest Petitions in North Carolina but discussions about the law needs to happen before we see another slip in bill without any input on the pro's and con's of this law.

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