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Protest Petition Sunday OP ED from TREBIC CARTEL Member Tom Terrell and What you need to add to the story

Smith Moore Leatherwood lawyer Tom Terrell will be coming out with a OP Ed in the Greensboro News and Record tomorrow from what he wrote on his blog  N.C. Legal Landscapes with a title called "Legislative Update – Protest Petitions Killed . . . Finally"

What you won't hear is that Tom Terrell is a part of the TREBIC Cartel which is the Triad Real Estate and Building Industry Coalition(TREBIC) where his law firm is a Governor member of the group who has been bitching , crying and moaning ever since a group of us got back the right to allow Protest Petitions in Greensboro in 2009.

Yes Weekly in their report on the unofficial lobbyist group TREBIC article had this to say:

"Tom Terrell Jr. of Smith, Moore, Leatherwood LLP took the stage to introduce Sanford, calling her “a great lobbyist” before handing over the mic. On the group’s website page for testimonials from members, Terrell said, “The building industry has no other voice in governmental decisions.”

We also need to point out that if Tom Terrell is so against Protest Petition and it's power to be used in the process then why did he use it to his advantage in regards to the Sherwin Williams case off of Spring Garden Street in Greensboro and also he used the Protest Petition working for Geo Care with the help of Guilford County Commissioners against the City of High Point where it is probably one of the first times a governmental body has used protest petition . Here is that post from the now defunct Rhino Times  called "Council Allows Hinkley Hotel" .

In the blog post from TREBIC CARTEL member lawyer Tom Terrell was my response here and also I have 2 other responses where he has not allowed to be put on his blog post but will post here for you to see

Here is the comment I made on his blog

“When the issue was hotly debated in Greensboro in 2009, the development community offered several compromises. The Greensboro Neighborhood Congress refused to accept any of the compromises offered, including raising the threshold from five to twenty percent and implementing a two-thirds vote rather than three-fourths.”
All the citizens wanted was to get the same treatment of having the protest petition like every other citizen had in this state but don’t worry the trebic cartel has been bitching , moaning and crying ever since 2009 and now they snuck in this repeal with no discussion at all. It looks like it is stuck back in rules committee and not killed like your post reads.
You , king zoning stud Henry isaacson , Jim Morgan and lobbyist Marlene Sanford are pathetic.
Let’s see if you will post this

Note he did post this with a response to my comment saying this
" I posted your comment even though you resorted to foul language and personal attacks without having the courage to sign your name"

Holy shit I did not know bitching and pathetic are foul language .

Then I later have to more comments that he has not yet to post which I will post here for you

COMMENT 1 not posted at nc legal landscapes blog

If you don't know who Triadwatch is in this area then you are living under a rock, just go ask the trebic cartel who triadwatch is and am sure Marlene will let you know who I am.

Please let me know how many protest petitions in this state worked when only 1 land owner piled the petition because I have seen plenty in the triad and the one land owner who filed near High Point University lost his case in front of council. The HP council saw through the PP and voted in favor of HPU. THe one landowner played his cards and lost. Why don't you go ask Blue Ridge Companies David Couch who triadwatch is and how the protest petition went for him when he wanted to slam way too many apartments off of highway 68 and if it wasn't for protest petition we would have seen a complete detriment to the neighborhood but now with conditions it is a nice apartment complex .

COMMENT 2 not posted at nc legal landscapes

Bill sponsors openly acknowledged that their intent is to reduce the bargaining power of neighborhood groups in zoning disputes.

Sneak in bill to your crony capitalist or as we call them here trebic cartel.

Enjoy the OP Ed from Tom Terrell but make sure you understand he works for TREBIC who want this repeal of protest petitions to happen and diminish the bargaining power of neighborhood groups in zoning cases

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