Sunday, June 2, 2013

Greensboro Coliseum Wasting $72,000 on Traffic and Congestion Study from Agenda for June 4th 2013 meeting

From the Greensboro City Council meeting for June 4, 2013 there are 2 items that are very interesting to take notice of that are in the report on disbursements from 4-29-13 through 5-13-2013
in a section titled under state federal and other grants is this
vendor name:
Martin Alexiou Bryson PLLC

Coliseum traffic & parking study



vendor name:
Martin Alexiou Bryson PLLC

Congestion Management Study

$58,838.39  TOTAL = $72,305.78

So as we see from this that the Greensboro City Council is spending $72,000 on 2 studies that you would think with over the years that the staff and personnel at the coliseum would know by now how to get traffic in and out of the coliseum in a timely manner . Let's also remember that over the years someone at NCDOT and coliseum came up with a brilliant idea to spend millions of dollars to add reversible lanes for High Point Road which is now gone but certainly a waste of taxpayer money to boot , below is a picture of what the reversible lanes look like

note this is not high point road but a picture of a reversible lane

You do not need to spend thousands of taxpayer dollars on 2 studies to come up with a idea that should be easily fixed if the Greensboro Coliseum and Matt Brown would implement what they use during the ACC Tournament in a shuttle service from the Four Seasons mall parking lot to help with over flow crowds at coliseum events.

During these budget times and looking at ways to curb spending it would be beneficial if studies like these would not be done and save the taxpayers money .


Don Moore said...

1. Coliseum doesn't have enough parking for events booked.
2. Coliseum no longer uses parking attendants to assist patrons leaving events (as they did in the time prior to Matt Brown).

Where's my MONEY$??

keith brown said...

With no parking that is why they need a good shuttle service to and from coliseum. Interesting that they do not use attendants to help out after event.