Friday, March 29, 2013

News & Record : Editorial, March 28: The people’s business

News & Record : Editorial, March 28: The people’s business: An Example Description

Nice try Allen and Doug but your thinking is muddied by your economic interest and if you would understand that it is 2013 not 1949 then you would understand the problem. But hey even your editor GRITS had this to say this is from your own editor gauger "Equally important has been the digital revolution. Time was when newspapers provided a public service by publishing news-of-record information, because your only other way to view it was to schlep to city hall or the courthouse. Now many governments publish public records at their websites. "


Anonymous said...

An Example Description

Anonymous said...

Funny how they justify it by saying "not everybody has a computer or internet service" as if EVERYBODY reads their newspaper.
Subscription and circulation stats beg to differ.

keith brown said...

Not every citizen can afford $150 for a yearly subscription to news and record to see the public notices.