Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dump Public Notice in Greensboro News and Record Save Guilford County Taxpayers Money with a Local Bill for State

Triadwatch wrote a letter to the Guilford County Commissioners and is in process of contacting our North Carolina State Representatives to save the taxpayers of Guilford County on money that does not need to be sent to the state mandated under the law local papers in Greensboro News and Record, High Point Enterprise and Carolina Peacemaker. Here is the letter sent to our Guilford County Commissioners:

Dear Guilford County Commissioner,
 I want to save the taxpayers of Guilford County money that does not need to be spent. This past year i did a public request for information on just how much Guilford County spent in advertisement in regards to tax delinquency and Gregory French Assistant Tax Director sent me this attachment you will find in this e mail. In the attachment the tax department under North Carolina General Statute 105-369 spent $97,949.98 with the break down of advertisement going to the Carolina Peacemaker for $7,724.80, High Point Enterprise $9,878.40 and Greensboro News and Record $80,746.78.
Talking with Mr. French he told me that the tax delinquency for Guilford County is already available on the Guilford County web site 24 hours a day and seven days a week under the area of on line tax services then search tax bills then a header called delinquent bill search.
I would like to have our Guilford County commissioners work with our state delegation to have this North Carolina General Statute repealed for Guilford County because we as a tax department already provide this information on line for all the citizens to see.
Please advise me on how we can save Guilford County taxpayers money on this issue. We have seen a lot of states all over the country propose public notice laws to save cash strapped budgets. Many of these state laws were enacted before the Internet came into existence and hopefully we can in Guilford County propose a bill to lead the state in reducing even something as small as the tax delinquency bill for our citizens.
Have a great day!
 Below you will see the invoices from the three newspapers which total over $97,000. After speaking with the Guilford County  Commissioners this past week during speakers from the floor there was a rebuttal from Commissioner Coleman on that the tax department has a fee on top of their tax bill that covers this invoice. I want to say to the Commissioners and every other taxpayer in this county that i don't care if you are a tax delinquent or pay your bills on time this advertisement in the local paper is a complete waste of money anyway you look at it. This bill was first introduced in 1939 well before the Internet came into play and now we have our local tax department have this information available everyday on their web site. It is time for our State representatives to pass a bill to exempt Guilford County from N.C. State Bill 105-369


Roch Smith, Jr said...

You should proofread what you write.

Dave Ribar said...

Good post and good point. While $97,000 amount wouldn't make much of a dent in people's tax bills, it could easily be used to hire an extra teacher or police officer.

triadwatch said...

Hopefully we will see the county commissioners have this as a part of their agenda for the state . It is a fast timeline to propose this as a bill and it getting passed. At least they are aware of this and we can overhaul the whole public notice bills in this state

HcoRealEstate said...
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