Monday, December 24, 2012

Triadwatch and what has been going on the past few months

Triadwatch has been light on the blogging lately because of work obligations and a few of my hobbies that has been a part of my life for a long time.

One of the hobbies is playing Pinball at a competitive level where there is a place in Greensboro N.C. called Lost Ark Video Games located off of Spring Garden Street near the intersection of Holden Road. Here is a link to their web site, CLICKHERE . Lost Ark has multiple pinball games set up in their establishment and each month we compete in a monthly pinball tournament where staring in 2013 for the January 19th tournament we will start getting points sanctioned under the IFPA International Flippers Pinball Asociation world rankings. It was great to work with this establishment to get this designation for their monthly pinball tournament because there is only one other place in North Carolina where you can play this many games in a public setting. Lost Ark is a crown jewel for pinball enthusiast and if you want to have a great time please stop by .

The other place to play pinball in the State of North Carolina is out on the Outer Banks with a place called Flippers, they have a facebook account CLICKHERE . They have only been open for over a year but in due time this place will become a must see place for all who enjoy playing pinball and other video games.

One aspect of blogging that i want to concentrate on is for local governments to do away with public notifications in local newspapers. It is time for all governments to do away with this costly taxpayers money when all they need to do is put the information on their web site because the law that was established happened before the computer ever came into existence. We started out with a town crier then went to newspapers for public notices and now it is time for all to use their local web sites to annouce these public notices and save the taxpayers millions of dollars a year.

Thanks to everyone who has been reading my blog the past years and 2013 will start back up with new post and hopefully we will see some North Carolina state bills in regards to public notices .

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