Monday, December 31, 2012

City landlords must register with police |

City landlords must register with police |

Will we see Greensboro keep up with the jonses as they say on this issue where City of Charlotte is making all landlords register with police department and also pay a fee as well.


Billy Jones said...

I've made City Council, the City Manager and Chief of Police aware of it. Thanks for pointing it out.

triadwatch said...

this would be interesting to see if greensboro does the same thing

polifrog said...

What is the advantage? Such listings already exist.

Furthermore, for the most part high crime areas (top 4%) will also be the most destitute and it is they that will pay for this third listing of this information.

Let's be clear, landlords will not pay for this. The burden will, instead, fall on those who choose to live in high crime areas for the lower rent. But now instead of paying for just 12 months rent, they will be forced to pay the equivalent of 13 months rent... for bureaucrats to do it in triplicate.